To get in contact, you can find me at:
Mobile: 07825679304
My name is Chris Thompson. I am a Freelance Creative based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
I have been working across variety of projects and I have amassed a wide range of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you are not looking for a freelance creative then that will be the end of it, but if you are, then I will look for you, I will find you and I will endeavour to empress the hell out of you...
Major Project Credits
Zero-X (Web series) Writer/Director - Anderson Entertainment - In production.
Life on the Edge (Web Series) Writer Director - Independent - In production.
Captain Scarlet: Operation Sword (Graphic Novel) - Writer - Anderson Entertainment - In production.
Doctor Who, The War Master- Anti-genesis - (Audio book) - Viral Marketing - 2019
Doctor Who, The Robots (Audio book) - Viral Marketing - 2019
Star-cops, Mars (Audio book) - Viral Marketing -2019
Doctor Who, Ravenous - (Audio book) - Viral Marketing - 2019
Aha-Island (Web series) Editor - Jam Media - 2019
Project 90 (Documentary) Director/Editor - Network Distribution - 2019
Star-Cops (Audio Drama) Videographer - Big Finish - 2017/18
Spectrum is Red (Documentary) Director/Editor - Network Distribution - 2018
Firestorm (Series Pilot) Graphic designer - Anderson Entertainment - 2018
Space Precinct: Reloaded (Graphic Novel)  Writer -Anderson Entertainment- 2018
The Return of Dick Spanner (Animatic) Animator - Network Distribution -2017
Captain Scarlet: The Spectrum Files (Audio Drama) Videographer -Big Finish- 2017
Captain Scarlet: Spectrum Agents Manual (Book) - Illustrator - Haynes Publishing - 2017
Terrahawks: The Audio Series (Audio Drama) - Videographer - 2015/16/17
The Making of Terrahawks: (Documentary) Editor - Network Distribution - 2016
The Making of UFO: (Documentary) Editor/Graphic Designer - Network Distribution - 2016
Doctor Who: Order of the Daleks: (Audio Drama) - Concept design/Illustration - Big Finish - 2016
The Gerry Anderson Comics Collection: (Part-work) - Illustrator - Eaglemoss - 2014
Thunderbirds: International Rescue Agents Manual: (Illustrator) - Haynes Publishing - 2011/2015​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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