I took up short filmmaking as a hobby back when I was 14 and continue to make short action adventure films in my spare time. Since then I have directed 3 documentaries, a multitude of Blu-ray extras and a ton of video content for various social media channels.
My up to date show reel is below.
I have produced many videos for the Gerry Anderson estate across it's various social media outlets.

Advertising new Thunderbirds Funkos.

Trailer for a new graphic novel (that I also wrote.)

A recap of 2016

This hasn't dated well...

A Black Friday advertisement for the Gerry Anderson store.

I been the primary videographer at HHI events since 2018. The following are some of the promo videos I filmed and put together for them.
I have produced several trailers for Big Finish's Doctor Who, Star-Cops, Captain Scarlet and Terrahawks ranges.

A new intro for the classic BBC series Star Cops.

The Trailer for Captain Scarlet: the Spectrum files, made by compositing together different shots from the original show.

Behind the scenes on Captain Scarlet: The Spectrum files.

Trailer for Doctor Who: The Sontarans

The trailer for Terrahawks Series 3 made out of composited clips from the original show.

Behind the Scenes of Terrahawks Series 3

A Music Video I produced for the band Wolf Cellar.
Some origional filmmaking projects I have produced over the years.

"Once Every 2 Years" Made within 48 hours for the Sci-Fi London Competition.

Life on the edge (2013) a pilot for a webseries, (currently under redevelopment).

Dragons pass (2012) a suspense horror.

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