Big Finish is a hugely successful audio company, famous for working with licenses such as Doctor Who, Stargate, The prisoner, Blakes 7 etc
Working with Big Finish's video director I have been providing 3d models and pieces of animation for various trailers.
I was enlisted to design a new type of Dalek of the Big Finish Doctor Who story Order of the Daleks. The brief was to reinterpret the design in primitive stained glass.
A series of Behind the scenes shorts I produced for series 3 of Terrahawks.

Various sets I produced to promote Big Finish's remake of "The Prisoner".
The Control room from "The Prisoner"

Various video trailers I have produced or provided elements for from Doctor Who. 

My First solo trailer for the company, "The Sontarans".

Rebuilding the TV movie Tardis set for Doctor Who Doom Coalition
Various pieces of Dalek Equipment for Doctor Who Only the Monstrous.
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