Below is a selection of original designs I have created for various projects that I didn't feel could fit into any specific category. Most are from my own film pitch ideas and others are purely for fun.

Futuristic Supersonic aircraft. Done for fun.

A sports utility aircraft. An opportunity to try out an unconventional design.

Similar Idea as above. A supersonic runabout.

A high powered firefighting vehicle.

Three Guest vehicles for "Life on the Edge", a sci-fi series I am developing.

Recovery Sub.

A snow vehicle I designed for a personal challenge.

Scarab APC. A little bit of fun.

A submarine Idea I was playing around with.
The "Raptor" an aircraft I designed when I was 15 for a film project, EDF.
A Starlance fighter from EDF
Again from EDF, an Aqua lance undersea fighter.
Same Idea as above.
This was concept for a short film I still intend to make. Here is an undersea base below the surface of Europa.
A piece of art entitled "Unscheduled business holiday".
Another art piece Idea. I wanted to play about with the idea of marine life.
A retro Sci-fi spacecraft.
A "space dock" for the above.
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